Why You Should Learn to Read Like a Buddhist Monk


Success! I have crossed the right i’s and dotted the right t’s and have been given the go-ahead to start a blog for my store.
I have no-idea how re-blogging works, but I will re-blog posts from there, here if I think they are worthy.
Yay. Now that blogging about books is work, I can go back to blogging about Tsessebes for fun. See you there…

Originally posted on Why Books?:

I have three sisters. We actually all get (and got) along quite well. But as those of you with kids will know, the phrase “sibling rivalry” is one of the great understatements of our time. The correct phrase should be “sibling guerrilla warfare”. Siblings fight. They argue. They tease each other and provoke each other when they are bored, and undermine each other when they feeling grumpy. Not me and my middle sister, though. For about two years we got along like a house on fire.

Because she was up a tree.

My middle sister, circa 1984 My middle sister, circa 1984

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One thought on “Why You Should Learn to Read Like a Buddhist Monk

  1. Yay! So glad you got the go-ahead, and I love the new blog :)

    As a middle child of 7, I, too, am like your sister and your son, in that I enter that place of Zen the minute my eyes touch the first page of a book.
    I’m proud to say that my daughter who, like your son, has that same vivid imagination, and a world of energy, also visits her place of Zen with a book in hand.
    I think I learned it out of pure self-defence, but I’m pretty sure my daughter inherited it from me :)

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